Free Stall Bedding Management Equipment Dealerships

We are proud to supply dairy farmers around the globe. We have our dairy farm sand rake products in use around the globe. You can contact us below for more information on obtaining a Sandman, Mat-Mate, or Bedding Extractor. Superior Attachments, Inc. products are also available through theses fine dealerships:

USA Dealers

Superior Attachments, Inc.

N3522 US Hwy 41
Menominee, MI 49858



901 E. Broadway Avenue
Atwater, CA 95301


HyHUIS Website

Outside of the USA

Superior Attachments, Inc.

N3522 US Hwy 41
Menominee, MI 49858


Within New York State

Ag Equipment Solutions

264 Cobb Street
Groten, NY 13073


Free-Stall Bedding Management Equipment

Our implements are designed to fit onto existing farm equipment saving you money. And, all products are built right here in the USA for heavy duty farm use. Implements are designed to cut time and labor costs from scheduled chores. The management tools increase cow comfort promoting higher milk yields, and create cleaner, dryer, and properly sloped cow beds to minimize bacteria growth.

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Labor Savings Everyday!

Our product removes the back breaking labor associated with free stall bed raking, cow mat cleaning, and free stall bedding replacement. Works well with sawdust, sand, and digester solids. Mechanizing these chores decreases labor, decreases the time necessary to perform the chore and gets the cows back into the stalls faster. All of these benefits make doing the chore easier and will be done more often to promote better health benefits to the herd resulting in lower SCC.


Made in U. S. A.

Superior Attachments, Inc. are made in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, U. S. A. We are proud of our dairy farming experience, and we build each unit with quality and excellence.

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Superior Attachments, Inc. products will decrease SSC, decrease labor, and increase herd averages for dairy farmers using sand bedding.

Download the dairy farm bedding management implements brochure here.

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Our products are distributed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Click here to locate a dealer.

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Sandman In Action

Sandman Dairy Bedding Managment Equipment

Sandman Dairy Bedding Management Tools

Reduce SCC, gain milk premiums, reduce labor, increase cow comfort

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Superior Attachments, Inc. Bedding Extractor

Remove soiled and bacteria laden bedding from the stall bed. Decrease SCC.

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Contact Us

Superior Attachments, Inc.
N3522 US Hwy 41
Menominee, MI 49858, USA
Phone: (800) 450-7292
Canada: (906) 864-1708


Synergy Dairy-Pulaski, WI

“By using the Sandman our somatic cell count has dropped 40,000 and as a result we are seeing 5 to 10 cents more for our milk premiums. It also greatly helps reduce our clinical mastitis cases. We also like the way it eliminates the ridges between stalls.” Read more here.

About Us

Superior Attachments, Inc. is a company which grew from an old family business. Linsmeier Implement Inc., Superior Attachments Inc.’s sister company, is a third generation farm implement business. Click here to learn more.