Superior Scraper. An easy, automatically adjustable manure scraper.

Superior Scraper is an advanced manure management tool for free stall bedding dairy operations. It is engineered with an automatic hydraulic float and variable outward pressure on curbs. Employ it with a flip of a switch, and it will keep a constant pressure on the curbs for a complete job. Even if the operator swerves, the outward pressure will adjust to the proper width, and it will also relieve pressure to avoid equipment failure or damage to the curb structure.

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Check Out These Important Features

  • Automatic hydraulic float with variable outward pressure on curbs
  • Flat back to reach in corners with 90° reachability
  • 100% USA made high-tensile adjustable rubber for long service life
  • Built for rugged farm use
  • Open and close wings with a flip of a switch
  • Automatically adjusts to variable width alleys
  • Closed width 6ft 6in, Open width 12ft 6in
  • Speeds up a labor intensive job

Equipment by Superior Attachments, Inc.

Sandman Dairy Bedding Managment Equipment

Sandman Dairy Bedding Management Tools

Reduce SCC, gain milk premiums, reduce labor, increase cow comfort

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Superior Attachments, Inc. Bedding Extractor

Remove soiled and bacteria laden bedding from the stall bed. Decrease SCC.

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Synergy Dairy-Pulaski, WI

“By using the Sandman our somatic cell count has dropped 40,000 and as a result we are seeing 5 to 10 cents more for our milk premiums. It also greatly helps reduce our clinical mastitis cases. We also like the way it eliminates the ridges between stalls.” Read more here.


Superior Attachments, Inc. Bedding Extractor is designed and built in USA. It's built farm tough and includes a one year warranty.

Download the Mat-Mate owner's manual here.

Download the spec sheet here.

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