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Superior Attachments, Inc. products remove the back breaking labor associated with free stall bed raking, cow mat cleaning and free stall bedding replacement.

These products will decrease SSC, decrease labor, and increase herd averages for dairy farmers using sand bedding.

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Sandman Side Mount

Sandman LP Side Mount

Mat-Mate Side Mount


Sandman Side Mount and Sandman LP Side Mount are designed to mount to the side of many compact tractors. Sandman will aerate, slope and groom freestall beds in one step. Sandman not only grooms, it leaves the bed at a uphill slope that cows prefer to lay on. Grooming with the Sandman is done at a walking pace allowing for quick preparation of the stall beds.

Labor Savings Made Easy

Sandman is designed to aerate, slope and groom cow free stall beds in one step without the drudgery of hand raking. Raking is done at a walking pace allowing for quick preparation of the stalls.

Sand Savings Calculator

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Yearly Sand Saving with Sandman

Tons of Sand Per Stall

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Somatic Cell Count Premium Calculator

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Calculate Annual Milk Premium with Lower SCC
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Sandman Midmount Testimonial Video

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Here is what others are saying!

Nigel CookNigel B. Cook BSc BVSc Cert. CHP DBR Dip. ECBHM MRCVS

Two thirds of the dairy herds in Wisconsin currently use sand bedding and its use carries great advantages for the cow and the farmer, with improved lameness rates, lower cull rates and increased milk production over other bedding surfaces. Managing the sand can be challenging as it is important to maintain sand fill. The Superior Attachments sandman groomer is the best device we have seen for redistributing the piled sand from beneath the divider loops and aerating and drying the sand. We also recommend that deep sand beds are cleaned out completely every 6-12 months as the bedding becomes contaminated with milk, urine and manure. The bedding extractor is a great tool to accomplish this time consuming task efficiently and effectively to maintain lower clinical mastitis rates and high standards of udder health."

Synergy Dairy
Pulaski, WI

“By using the Sandman our somatic cell count has dropped 40,000 and as a result we are seeing 5 to 10 cents more for our milk premiums. It also greatly helps reduce our clinical mastitis cases. We also like the way it eliminates the ridges between stalls.”

Number of cows: 280
Rolling herd average: 31,700
Somatic Cell Count: 115

Stoney Acres Farms
Wausaukee, WI

“We know the sand bedding is best for our cows, but it was hard to get employees to rake all the stalls. Now all stalls get raked EVERY DAY without constant supervision. Sandman eliminates one of the most difficult chores on the farm and lowers employee turnover. With the Sandman, employees enjoy raking the stalls. The sand is now drier and smoother. My somatic cell count is down and I see fewer cases of mastitis. Cow comfort is a very important part of this industry. With the Sandman on the job my cows are healthier, more comfortable and produce more milk. Cows that have a lower somatic cell count give more milk. Comfortable stalls invite cows to bed down sooner. The Sandman gets the job done. It’s one of the best pieces of equipment I have on the farm.”

Number of cows: 270
Rolling herd average: 29,600
Somatic Cell Count: 100

Carter Farms
Plattsburgh, NY

“We are currently using the Sandman three times a week and the Bedding Extractor every six months. Prior to using the Sandman and Bedding Extractor we were having 3-4 fatal cases of mastitis every 6 weeks. As a result of using these tools our fatal rate is 0-1 every 6 weeks. The way the Sandman slopes and aerates the sand it has also increased our cow comfort and lowered our somatic cell count.”

Number of cows: 500

Hilltop Dairy
Markesan, WI

“The Sandman helps maintain stall usage and stall efficiency. Because it pushes sand uphill it helps with the way the cow lays down. It is very helpful for cow drainage. The cows always have a very even and comfort place to lie down.”

Number of cows: 1000
Rolling herd average: 30,200
Somatic Cell Count: 160

Brock Farms
Daggett, MI

“The advantages we have seen with the Sandman are:

  1. We have cut the amount of sand we go through by between 20-25%.
  2. We eliminated one person hand raking the stalls once a day.
  3. We have seen that when the cows are done feeding, they go to the stalls and lay down quicker.
  4. All of the stalls are being used; no stalls are uncomfortable.

In summary, the Sandman is tool every dairyman should consider when thinking about total cow comfort.”