Free Stall Bedding Management

Free Stall Bedding Management

Free Stall Bedding ManagementFree Stall Bedding ManagementFree Stall Bedding Management


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Superior Attachments

Is proud to provide dairymen with time proven and dependable management tools. Finding the correct bedding management tools for your herd can be challenging. Superior Attachments free stall bedding management tools are here to help. These tools are designed for consistent results and work well in sand, sawdust, compost, fiber, and digester solids bedding material. The Sandman and Bedding are designed to help with com comfort. 

Sandman free stall bedding groomer are designed to slope, aerate, and groom in one step.

Bedding Extractor removes soiled and bacteria laden bedding from the stall bed. The auger removes the bedding and directs it over the curb into the aisle for easy cleanup.

Superior Scraper is an easy, automatically adjustable manure scraper designed to save time and make it easier for the operator to make one pass instead of several passes.

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