Bedding Extractor removing sand bedding

Bedding Extractor

Bedding Extractor is designed to remove soiled and bacteria laden bedding from the stall bed. The Auger removes and directs the bedding over the curb and into the aisle for clean up. Fast and easy, which means the chore gets done when needed to help reduce mastitis cases and to improve cow comfort. 

Removing soiled and bacteria laden bedding is a back breaking shoveling job that everyone avoids until it becomes a problem. Better health benefits to the herd results from the removal of soiled bedding.

Bedding Extractor with it's powered trench auger makes quick work of removing the bedding material. Remove up to 10" depth and 24" width of bedding materials with ease and speed.


  • Two passes with the Extractor will cleanly remove up to 10" of bedding
  • Powers bedding into the aisle for easy cleanup
  • Effective way to remove bedding with high bacterial count from the rear of the stall
  • Carbide mounted teeth removes the toughest bedding
  • Speeds up a labor intensive job

Bedding Extractor

Bedding Extractor

Bedding Extractor

Compact design makes it easy to maneuver into tight areas 

Finished Trench

Bedding Removed from free stall bed

Cleanly removes up to 10" of bedding 24" deep

Carbide Tipped Auger

Carbide tipped auger

Removes the toughest bedding

Curb Guide

Curb Guide

Positions the augur on the inside of the curb 

Auger Scraper

Bedding Extractor removing free stall bedding

Auger scraper moves the bedding into the aisle for easy cleanup

Raised Position

Bedding Remover

Raises vertically for transport


Bedding Extractor