Brushing free stall mats

Mat-Mate free stall brush

Mat-Mate free stall brush is designed to brush off organic matter from the surface of cow mats more effectively than hand brushing. Mat-Mate brushes off the organic material that can cause bacterial growth on the mat surface. Cleaning occurs at a fast walking pace. Mat-Mate quickly attaches to your existing skid steer and is also available as a side-mount for your tractor. 


Labor Savings Made Easy

Manual brushing organic matter off cow mats is tedious work. Mat-Mate is a  mechanical device for cleaning cow  mats to improve cow comfort.

Mat-Mate is designed to quickly  connect to a skid steer universal mount plate. Mat-Mate raises to a vertical position for transport. It can also be angled forward to lower its height when entering low door openings. 


  • Mat-Mate mattress brush powers off organic material at a rate that normal scraping cannot match
  • Drier and cleaner mats lower bacterial growth
  • Speeds up a labor intensive job
  • Optional sprayer applies disinfectant to the brushed area


Optional Sprayer

Mattress Brush

 Applies disinfectant to the brushed area to lower SCC and Mastitis. 

Cleaned Mattresses

Brushed mattress

Better removal of organic material means mats will dry quicker.

Raised Boom

Free Stall brush

Hydraulic cylinder raises boom for easy maneuverability.


Brushing mattresses

Rotary brush directs material into aisle