Sandman grooming free stalls

Sandman & Sandman Low Profile Free Stall Groomer


Sandman and Sandman LP are designed to aerate, slope and groom free stall beds in one step. Sandman not only grooms it leaves the bed at the uphill slope that cows prefer to lay on. Raking is done at a walking pace allowing for quick preparation of the stalls. Many of our customers groom stalls daily, some groom with every milking.

Sandman's boom and rotary arm are hydraulically driven. The hydraulic boom allows the operator to lower the rotary arm between the stall loops into the bedding area. Once the boom is lowered the rotary motor is started. The operator adjusts the loader frame height so the rotary arm shovels make contact with the bedding area, then drives forward at walking speed. Sandman is able to work under the stall loops to groom and slope the bedding material.


  • Sloping the bed improves cow comfort
  • Sloping promotes proper cow placement within the stall
  • Proper cow placement puts manure in the aisle
  • Aeration dries bedding and reduces bacterial growth
  • Speeds up a labor intensive job and lowers costs

Sandman, Sandman LP, Side Mount Sandman


Sandman Free Stall Bedding Groomer

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Sandman Low Profile

Sandman LP Free Stall Bedding Groomer

 The Sandman LP (low profile) easily fits under lower free stalls 

Side Mount Sandman

Tractor mounted Free Stall Bedding Groomer

 The Sandman Mid-Mount easily attaches to your tractor. 

Rotary Arm

Replaceable Shovels

Bolt on replaceable shovels

Curb Scraper

Curb Scraper

Scrapes the top of the curb bringing bedding back into the stall

Curb Guide

Curb Guide

Positions the rotary arm

Low Profile Gearbox

Low profile bedding groomer

Heavy duty gearbox allows clearance under lower stall loops

Sloped and Aerated

Groomed free stall beds

Improves cow comfort and dries bedding to lower SCC and Mastitis

Side Mount Sandman

Tractor bedding groomer

Electric over hydraulic controls raise the boom for maneuverability. The controls also allow you to control the boom height 8" for varying bedding height.


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